Sacred Geometry and Energy

1.- Introduction

Since I started studying to elaborate the contents of this website, there was aquestion that came to my mind over and over again, and I had to put it aside because I didn't find any successful answer. We know that geometry has to do with for instance sound energy, because the string length of an instrument determines the frequency of the emitted sound. Similary, the length or size of an antenna determines the frequency of the electromagnetic wave that it can emit or receive. Accordingly, my question was a simple one (or perhaps too complex): ¿what's the relationship between Sacred Geometry and the subtle energies involved in life processes? For example, the golden mean, related to so many phenomena in nature, is it related to any type of subtle energy, in a different way to the remaining proportions? Or the platonic solids, which have been historically associated to the five elements, to what extent do they reflect a particular energetic behaviour?

These questions and others have been puzzling my mind for a long time, since one day I discovered the shape waves produced by all geometric objects, in Jean de la Foye's book "Ondes de Vie, Ondes de Mort" [1]. This is an energy whose frequency or wavelength does not depend on the object size, but only on its shape and orientation. Its intensity is related to the object's mass, and I would say also to its volume. Its "re-discoverers" were the french radiesthesists L. Chaumery and A. de Belizal, but this energy type was already known, and propably in many cases mastered, by ancient civilizations [2].

Directly related with these shape waves, I learned how to use the Universal Pendulum, a precise radiesthesic instrument, essential for their study, which was developed by Chaumery and Belizal in the first half of last century, but fully in force nowadays (Fig.1). This allowed me to analyse shape energy, which not only emanates from geometric objects, but it also emanates from all living beings, and it seems to be involved in all physical processes, such as for instance chemical reactions [1]. Another radiesthesic instrument, the Hebrew pendulum, helped me to detect the presence of some subtle components, of vital and spiritual nature, which may or may not go with a certain shape wave emission.  If you are familiar with those instruments, I encourage you to reproduce the measurements reported here and to share your results.

Instrumentos de trabajo
Figure 1: Working instruments to carry out this research: the Hebrew pendulum (left), a neutral pendulum (middle), and the Universal Pendulum (right). The words in Hebrew mean "Vital breath" and "The Spirit", and they are the same as those used by J. de la Foye y M. Bardet [1].

This article is a summary of my incursion into the topic, with the goal to sinthesize my observations so that they can reach the reader who might need them, and also to see whether those more skilled than me on the subject can confirmy my findings. Firstly, we shall see what energy is associated with the different angles and proportions, in a direct relationship with the circle, and also the energy that emanates from some regular polygons, and from platonic solids. We will analyse the main geometrical figures that emit the subtle components of shape energy. We will see what's special with the golden mean and its associated angles, and also a first approximation to the shape energy that is emmited by a scaled miniature of the Great Pyramid. And finally, we will show some applications of shape waves: their therapeutical application to rebalance our organism; their application to rebalance the environment by neutralising concentrations of harmful telluric energies; and lastly, their possible application to neutralise the harmful shape waves that come with the radiofrequency emissions of a cell phone or a wifi router.

2.- Shape waves

A simple experiment will be useful to introduce us to shape waves (also known as shape-based radiation). We only need pencil and paper, a neutral pendulum, and several testimonies (paper slices of the seven colours of the rainbow, plus black and white). We draw a circle and go through its perimeter slowly with the tip of our finger, holding the pendulum on the other hand above the Violet (V) testimony. The pendulum should react when we go through the circle exactly on the East. If we go on around to the North, 30 degrees later we identify colour Indigo (I). And then successively we recognise Blue (Az), Green exactly at North (V+), Yellow (Am), Orange (Na) and Red (R) exactly at West. Sixty degrees downward we should find colour Black (Ne), and sixty degrees later, White (B). The color located 30 degrees beyond red, was named Infrared (IR) by Chaumery and Belizal, and the one located 30 degrees before violet was named Ultraviolet (UV), by analogy with visible light (Fig.2).

Colores en el círculo
Figure 2: Spectral distribution of shape waves detected on the perimeter of a circle. Pure colours are produced around it every 30 degrees, and they are oriented to the cardinal directions. Colour green has a special behaviour, because it is also detected at the South pole, but the pendulum turns reversed there; that's why Chaumery and Belizal called the colour at that point Negative Green (V-).

Exactly at the South pole, the pendulum recognises colour green again, but now it oscillates reversed. This is why Chaumery and Belizal called this colour Negative Green (V-) [2]. Therefore, we can observe that the perimiter of the circle has associated an energy that resonates with the spectrum of light colours, but at a different octave, probably with a much higher frequency. A. Belizal and P.A. Morel define shape waves this way: "geometrical shapes, be they linear, planar or three dimensional, they are influenced by earth's magnetic current, in a very weak portion due to their combination. Oversaturated of the energy received, they give it off again, in a continued way" [3, p.17].

In general, "waves emmited by symmetrical shapes are beneficial, but those emmited by irregular, non compensated polygons are harmful and [can be] maleficient.The spiral stopped by a straight line (snail) is beneficial. The planar circle in equilibrium is a power expression greater than the rest of planar shapes. The sphere is the most powerful volume-shape, beacause it is theoretically built out of an addition of [ìnfinite] cumulated circles whose central points are common. The central point of a sphere accumulates a very important centripetal magnetic energy, and has a centrifugal radiation greater than any other shape's. The semi-sphere shares some properties of the sphere and the circle combined; it has essentially a centrifugal emission through the central point of its planar face. A stack of semi-spheres in pile [known as radiesthesic pile] makes up a magnetic energy amplifier, released by the last face of the pile" [3].

3. The energy of a sphere

Chaumery and Belizal repeated the experiment of the circle on a wooden sphere. They noticed that the shape wave associated to every pure colour is detected on a spiral that goes from South pole to North pole. All spirals cross the equator exactly at the same points located 30º apart that we found on a circle. In addition, this same circle is detected again, with a displacement, on two orthogonal meridians, one called "Electric" and the other "Magnetic". North pole was assigned positive polarity because it makes the neutral pendulum turn clockwise, and the opposite happens at the South pole (Fig.3).


Instrumentos de trabajo
Figure 3: Shape radiation of a sphere, discovered by Chaumery and Belizal. At the Equator, we can observe the same colour distribution as the circle (Fig.2). Each colour is detected on a spiral around the sphere, running from South to North pole, and it appears at a distinct point on each of the two orthogonal meridians called "Electric" and "Magnetic". The figure has been adaptaded from Jean de la Foye's original [1].

Even though the nature of shape waves is probably not electromagnetic (I suspect they are closer than torsion fields), those authors chose the term "Electric" for the energy emitted by the sphere's Electric meridian, due to some properties than remind us of electricity, because the Electric shape wave is blocked by elecrical insulators. Something similar happens with Magnetic shape wave and materials that interrupt the magnetic field [2]. In our measurements, given a shape wave emission with both components, we have realised that the Electric component reverses its phase (sense of the UP used as a detector) when is goes through a magnet, whereas the Magnetic component phase is not altered.

Instrumentos de trabajo
Figure 4: Location of the colours of the shape emission of a sphere and a Universal Pendulum through their meridians Electric, Magnetic and Electromagnetic (equator).

The location of the meridians of shape emission in a sphere changes along the day. That indicates that shape waves are affected by terrestrial movement and/or solar and cosmic radiation. In order for the sphere emission points to stay fixed, Chaumery and Belizal designed their Universal Pendulum introducing a small radiesthesic pile inside a wooden sphere, and that stabilised its emission polarity. Adding an outer metal ring that can rotate around the sphere, and a string that can move along the ring, any emission point on the sphere can be selected (Fig.1).

The Universal Pendulum works as a detector (it resonates with the shape wave emitted by an object and turns accordingly) and also as an emitter (for instance in its therapeutical use for rebalancing a person or a space). Here a simple experiment, easy to reproduce using two UP's, to verify the distinct nature of the emission from each meridian: we use one UP as emitter, tuning it for example to blue colour in the Electric meridian, and we check with the other UP that this emission is not detected on the blue point of the Magnetic meridian, nor on any other point in the pendulum, except on the blue point of its Electric and Electrpmagnetic meridians. And so on with the resmaining colours.

4. The Negative Green

This shape wave emission was called like that by its discoverers because it is radiated on the opposite pole than visible Green, either in the circle or in the sphere, but with reversed polarity. It is "the shortest and most penetrating vibration that exists in the Universe, and its emitting power is such that it goes through lead thiknesses, considered effective against X rays" [2, p.76]. Negative Green has some extraordinary "dessicating and mummifying properties over living matter, turning it almost indestructible" [1, p.27]. Negative Green in Magnetic mode (V- M) has curative properties: "At a physical level it is useful to work on the heart and the circulatory system. It's ideal to work on any illness that might be causing cellular disorder. Just as Positive Green, this colour is applied to eliminate bacteria, fungi, virus and infections. It's a relaxing colour at the physical, emotional and mental levels. At the emotional level it is a clear indicator of the presence of unconscious pain. This colour is used very often and helps a person connect with his/her hidden emotions, make them conscious and release them" [4, p.108].

Nevertheless, Negative Green in Electric mode (V- E) is destructive, "it is very dangerous and leads to a slow death" [1, p.28]. In fact, L. Chaumery was found dead in his laboratory victim of his experiments with V- E. "Negative Green appears in two different [modes]: (a) one purely magnetic [mode], the beneficial vibration par excellence. It is the vibration of the GOOD, on a philosophical plane, the one that restablishes a deficient health, with the tacit assumption of being rigorously dosed; and (b) an purely electric [mode], it is a harmful vibration, on a philosophical plane the vibration of EVIL. It is the one that destroys health and leads to death by vibratory imbalance of the cell. As an example, it is possible for me, and I do it, to kill an adult tree in a week by subjecting it to the action of Negative Green in Electric mode (V- E)" [2, p.144]. "The antidote of V- es V+, which neutralizes all radioactivity stored in the organism [or in a space]" [3, p.VII].

When practising with the Universal Pendulum, we have observed that Negative Green in Electric mode in the crossing of Hartmann and Curry lines, as it happened under the headboard of our bed, leading to reiterated headaches until we learned how to neutralise it. We have also observated that the cell phone and the router emit Negative Green in Electric mode on their front and back, matching the radiation pattern of their antenna. In the Applications section we will show two ways of neutralising this harmful component of shape waves emitted by those devices.

5. Shape emission of geometric figures

5.1 Segments

A segment, be it drawn on a paper, or a material stick, emits a Positive Green shape wave out of its ends (Fig.5a). If we put ther segment or stick vertically, then the emission is polarised (positive turn of the UP in the upper part, negative turn in the lower one). It is important not to mistake this polarisation of the energy of a certain colour, with the appearance of Negative Green, which actually belongs to a different wavelength tha Positive Green.

Emisión de forma de un segmento
Figure 5: Shape wave emitted by a segment or a material stick. If we orient it in the vertical direction, the radiation is polarised (positive upwards, negative downwards).

5.2 Angles

A couple of segments making up an angle emit a shape energy whose colour is a function of their apperture angle, in the direction of its plane. According to our measurements, every 15º of aperture a new pure colour in the circle comes in, starting from V- at the left: 15º Ne, 30º IR, 45º R, 60º Na, 75º Am, 90º V+, 105º Az, 120º I, 135º V, 150º UV, 165º B (Fig.6).

Instrumentos de trabajo
Figure 6: Shape wave emitted by segments at different angles and proportions. Pure colours appear every 15º, starting with Black on the left (that is, going thrpugh the equator of the sphere from South, taking West to East direction). The emission corresponding to each angle and at its supplementary are also exposed when dividing a segment in the equivalent proportions of 180º.

In addition, the colour associated to the supplementary angle is also detected, but with opposite polarity. For example, an angle of 45º emits Red with positive polarity and Violet with negative polarity (Fig.7). Were the angle 135º, it would emit the same colours, but with reversed polarities.

Emisión de forma de un ángulo
Figure 7: Shape waves emitted by an angle of 45º: through its plane of apperture, it radiates its corresponding colour with positive polarity (R) and the colour of the supplementary angle with negative polarity (V).


5.3 Secant segments

Two secant segments emit Positive Green to the vertical of their crossing point, independently of their angle (Fig.8a). In addition, in each of the appertures they emit the colour associated to the corresponding angle, with positive polarity (Fig.8b). In particular, a cross is a powerful emitter of Positive Green, because it radiates it not only to the vertical of the crossing point, but also through the appertures of its four right angles.





Figure 8: Two secant segments emit Positive Green polarised, to the vertical of their crossing point, and also the corresponding colour to each angle in the plane that they define. The example shown in this figure would correspond to an aperture of 45º.

As an application of all these observations, we can do the following experiment. Take a wooden cilinder (such as an Hebrew pendulum). According to all the previous explanation, this is a powerful emitter of Positive Green through its vertical, because it can be considered a thick stick and also and aggregation of infinite circles, and a circle emits Positive Green to the vertical of its centre. We can check it putting the cilinder on the table and seeing how the UP reacts to V+ at its ends. Well, the experiment consists in drawing a pattern of parallel lines around the cilinder forming a certain angle with the horizontal. Then we can check that the cilinder has become an emitter of the colour that corresponds to the given angle, through all of its lateral surface. I discovered this fact from this article by Enel. To check several angles, you can build rectangular testimonies on paper, to the size of the cilinder. You can download here my hand-made testimonies in case you are interested in replicating the experiment. Figure 9 shows the example of an angle of 60º. The angle lokking to the left, that would correspond to a leftwise curl, emits Orange colour, whereas the angle oriented to the right emits Indigo.

Patrón de lineas paralelas en el péndulo


Patrón de lineas paralelas en el péndulo


Figure 9: Pttern of parallel lines with a tilt of 60º (a) to the left, corresponding to Orange colour; and (b) to the right, equivalent to 120º, so corresponding to color Indigo.

5.4 Proportions

Proportions are also directly related with the spectrum and the emission of shape waves. In this case, our experiment consisted in marking with a small dot the division point of a given segment, splitting it into two fractions, and the measure with the UP what radiation is generated to the vertical of each of its parts. Pure colours appear every 1/12 (see Fig.6) and they correspond to the apperture angles according to their fraction of 180º: for example, a segment dividided in a proportion 1/4 - 3/4 corresponds t 45º - 135º, so it will emit Red above the small fraction and Violet above the big one. In particular, a segment divided by half emits Positve Green through both halves.

The experiment on a cilindrical pendulum with angular patterns can be used to verify the coherence of all the observations made up to this point: if we swirl it along a segment divided in two fractions that are multiple of 1/12, it should only react to the angle related to the corresponding propotion, or equivalently, to the corresponding colour.

5.5 Plane polygons

Finally, we have observed that regular plane polygons emit Positive Green polarised to their vertical, with positive polarity if they have an odd number of sides (triangle, pentagon, etc.) and negative in the even case (square, hexagon, etc.). In addition, from each of their vertices outwards they emit the shape wave of the colour corresponding to its angle with positive polarity, and the one to the supplementary angle with negative polarity. For example, an equilateral triangle has angles of 60º, so it emits Orange out of each one of its vertices with positive polarity, Indigo with reversed polarity, and Positive Green to its vertical, with leftwise curl.

There exist an infinite variety of shapes and symbols that we could draw on the plane. Each of them will have a certain shape wave emission associated to it. Some times it may be not beneficial because it emits Negative Green on Electric mode. Jean de la Foye makes a quite exhaustive journey through the colours radiated by known symbols and shapes (and others perhaps less known) in chapter 4 "Shapes and emissions" of his book [1].

6. Subtle components of shape waves

The presence of subtle components in a shape wave emission can be detected with the help of an Hebrew cilindrical pendulum and a testimony in Hebrew language. Hebrew has the property of emitting its meaning in the form os shape vibrations. Jean de la Foye descovered these subtle components making a horizontal shape emission go through a wooden prism. As testimonies in Hebrew he used the words in Figure 10, which mean "The Earth" to detect emissions in the physical plane, "Vital breath" for emissions of vital energy, and "The Spirit" for emissions of spiritual energy, equivalent to greek "Pneuma"[1,p.44]. In this link you can download these testimonies and some others, in case you bring yourself to reproduce some of the experiments.

Figure 10: Testimonies in Hebrew tu study the levels of shape emissions [1].

First of all Jean de la Foye made sure that his emitter, adjusted to any colour, made the three Hebrew penduli react. Then they confirmed that emissions of a spiritual and vital type went through a wooden prism without deflection, whereas the physical part of the shape wave was deflected, as if it were a light ray going through a glass prism. If the non-deflected emission was intercepted by a testimony of living plant or animal, then the vital component was stopped, and only the spiritual component went through. Finally, this component could be intercepted by a human testimony, and there was no shape radiation detected after it [1, p.47].

What are actually the last two components, which do not behave as physical vibrations? They exist and have physical implications, because the specialised pendulum detects them. But with the means at our disposal we cannot go further on. What we understand is that, when the Hebrew pendulum reacts in a clockwise sense, the shape emission under observation supports the given testimony, whereas if the pendulum reacts turning in reverse, the shape emission under study is harmful or goes against this testimony. For example, when an emission makes the testimony "Vital breath" react in reverse, as it happens with emissions of Negative Green in Electric mode, then we can observe that this emission also makes the testimony "Necromancy" react in the positive sense, therefore it is an emission that goes against life and favours death...

Using the technique of Hebrew testimonies, we have observed the following subtle shape wave emissions in certain geometric figures:

- A circle on its own emits Positive Green to the vertical of its centre, but it does not emit any subtle components. However, two tangent circles, or intersecting through their central point in the form of a Vesica Piscis, in addition to Positive Green, they also emit the vital and spiritual components. The same happens with symbols containing multiple circles intersected at their midpoints, such as the Flower of Life.

- Two segments of the same length intersected in the form of a symmetric cross also emit both subtle components to the vertical of the crossing point. In addition, if the cross is on a horizontal plane pointing at the cardinal points, then the subtle emission also takes place through the four directions of the cross.

The behaviour of the symmetric cross explains why the Poles and the meridian crossing points in the Universal Pendulum are the only points that emit both subtle components, in addition to their corresponding physical colour. It is interesting to notice that the South Pole in the UP, which corresponds to Negative Green of Electric mode, emits both subtle components in the negative sense, therefore it is a harmful radiation that goes against life and spirit. Thus, it is never advisable to let the UP rest while tuned at this emission point.

- Two segments intersecting at 90º, whose lengths are in golden proportion, in other words a golden cross, emit the two subtle components, both to its vertical as well as through all of its vertices, independently of its orientation. This and the previous one are shapes that neutralise emissions of Negative Green in Electric mode.


Figure 11: Shapes that emit, to their vertical, Positive Green accompanied by the subtle components of vital and spiritual type.

- Triangles emit the spiritual component in the negative sense. When a certain shape emission reacts to the testimony "The Spirit" in the negative sense, it usually also reacts to the testimony "Magic" in the positive sense...

- The pithagorean triangle 3-4-5 constitutes an exception, because it emits the spiritual component in the positive sense.

- Golden triangles are also another exception, because they emit the spirtiual component not only to their vertical, but also through all their vertices (see next section).

- The square and the hexagon emit the spiritual component in positive, and so does the pentagon despite being an odd sided polygon. In fact, the pentagon emits both the spiritual and the vital component, to its vertical as well as through all its vertices. This happens due to its close relationship to the golden ratio, as we will see next.

- We have not checked the emission of other polygons. For a more detailed description, we address the reader to Chapter 4 in book [1].

- ATENTION: Subtle emissions of a plane shape are neutralised when it is surrounded by a circle. That is to say, all the shapes that we have just mentioned loose their subtle emissions if we put them inside a circle. This does not alter the physical component of their shape emission. For example, the Flower of Life stops emitting the subtle components if it is surrounded by a single external circle (Fig.12a), whereas they are mantained if it does not have this circle (Fig. 12c).

However, we have verified that making a second circle around the given shape, it recovers the emission of subtle components from the original shape. This explains why the Flower of Life is usually represented surrounded by two circles!! (Fig.12b).




Figure 12: Three representations of the Flower of Life: In case (a), as it is surrounded by an external circle, the shape does not emit neither vital nor spiritual energy, only the physical component of Positive Green. This does not happen to symbol (c), which does not have any circle around, so it emits a shape wave at all levels; (b) by drawing two external circles, as the Flower of Life is usually represented, the original subtle shape emission is recovered.

7. Shape waves associated to golden mean

And the golden mean, does it have something special, from the point of view of shape energy? Well, from our measurements, we have observed the following:

- The angles related to golden triangles, that is, those that have two sides in golden proportion (Fig.13), as the two golden triangles faithfully approximated by the Great Pyramid (38.17º, 51.87º) and (31.71º,58.28º), or the golden gnomos (18º,144º) and (36º,72º), don't follow the general rule of the remaining angles: all of them emit Positive Green not only through its apperture, but also to he vertical of its vertex.

Figure 13: Golden triangles whose angles, when isolated, behave in a special way as far as shape emission, and the triangles themselves too.

- A segment dividided in golden mean emits Positive Green around it, of one polarity in the short fraction and the opposite polarity in the long fraction.

- Golden triangles behave the same way: they emit Positive Green though all ther vertices and to the vertical.

- Both in the golden angles, as well as in the golden proportion and the golden triangles, the emissions of Positive Green go with the spiritual component.

- Finally, the pentagon has a Positive Green emission from all its vertices and to its vertical. In addition, these emissions come accompanied by the vital and spiritual components.

8. Shape waves of the platonic solids

To summarise all that we have explained so far, we have analysed the shape energy that emenates from the platonic solids and we have observed the following:

- All the solids emit a shape wave Positive Green through all their faces, and also in its centre, accompanied by the spiritual component.

- The vertices emit the colour wave that corresponds to the angle of their faces: Orange (60º) in the vertices of the tetrahedron and the octahedron, and Positive Green (90º) in the vertices of the cube.

- In the case of the icosahedron, even though it has equilateral triangles as faces, the pentagonal symmetry associated to the golden mena prevails, so the vertices emit Positive Green, accompanied by the vital and spiritual components. In its centre the three componentes of the shape field are also present.

- Finally, the dodecahedron emits Positive Green through all its faces and vertices, and in its centre, accompanied by the vital and spiritual components.

Therefore, the dodecahedron is the platonic solid that concentrates a greater emision of full shape energy, as it emits the three components through all its faces and vertices.

solidos platónicos
Figure 14: Platonic solids.

9. Shape waves of the Great Pyramid

In view of our observations about the shape energy associated to the golden mean, it is difficult not to ask ourselves which might be the shape emission of the Great Pyramid, because it approximates quite faithfully two golden triangles. We still don't have the mastery to know a priori the resulting effect of combining distinct geometries into a more complex shape. In order to study it, we have built a hollow miniature of 40cm base size, big enough so to make a first approximation to the shape emission of this idela geometric structure. In our miniature of the Great Pyramid we have observed the following:

- The apex of the pyramid emits a shape wave Negative Green of Electric mode, accompanied by negative vital and spiritual components. We have also found this harmful emission at the apex of the tetrahedron and the semi-octahedron (quadrangular pyramid).

- Between the two vertices of the base of each face, all the colour spectrum of shape waves is detected. In particular, in the middle of the base we detect an horizontal emission of Negative Green of Electric mode. This emission, as it happens with the vertical radiation at the apex, comes accompanied by negative vital and spiritual components. There exists a big difference in emission regarding an equilateral pyramid (tetrahedron, semi-octahedron), because these emit nothing through the laterals of their base, despite the small difference in dimensions between them and a miniature of the GP of the same base size.

- When the pyramid is oriented with a face looking towards the North, the Negative Green emission of the faces East and West is cancelled, and only the North-South emission remains.

- Despite our miniature is quite low, we have observed a radiation Negative Green of Magnetic mode into the pyramid, slightly below half its height.

Evidentemently, this is only an approximation to what could be the real emission of this colossal monument. The authors that have studied the actual pyramid, have detected other emissions inside, related with the mass, location and size of its building elements [2]. Our main goal is make the reader note those points of a GP miniature that emit Negative Green in Electric mode, which should be avoided, and minimised by always maintaining the figure with a face towards the North.

9. Beneficial applications of shape waves

9.1 Therapeutic use

At the beginning of this research, we combined the study of biliography with the learning of the Universal Pendulum. The references that you find about it are usually oriented toward its therapeutic use [4]. The colours of shape waves have a direct correspondence with our energetic centers or chakras, in such a way that each one of them is linked to a visible colour from their frontside. In addition, chakras 2nd to 6th are also linked to an invisible colourfrom their backside (Fig.15). By means of the UP the energetic centers of a person can be rebalanced, by tuning it to the necessary colours (obtained either with the help of a neutral pendulum, or through the intuition and experience of the therapist) and applying them the appropriate time. The UP has the interesting property that it won't turn if the wrong colour has been selected [4]. Platonic solids can also be used in a therapeutic way. For example, Minsa Widmanska described that holding a dodecahedron on each hand for some minutes you can achieve a rebalancing of the organism [5].

Figure 15: Correspondence between the colours in the spectrum of shape waves and the chakras in the energetic body [4].

9.2 Rebalancing spaces

The shape emission of an UP can also be used to rebalance spaces. For example in our case we had detected a telluric emission just below the headboard of the bed, probably originated by an energy crossing of Hartmann and Curry lines [5]. We could measure an emission of Negative Green in Electric mode exactly on the vertical of that point, and we think it could be the reason behind waking up ofter with headache. In order to rebalance it, we use the UP tuned to the Positive Green, both in Electric as well as Magnetic phases. Afterwards we could confirm that both the Negative emission and the headaches both disapeared!

In order to rebalance spaces we cal also use shapes such as the one proposed by Jean de la Foye (Fig.16). It consists on two secant segments at 90º in golden proportion (golden cross). According to all we have seen so far, we know that this cross emits to the vertical of its crossing point a Postive Green shape wave, accompanied by the vital and spiritual components. By adding the letters of the tetragram, its emission is significantly strengthened. By orienting the shape with letter Wav (the lower one in figure 16) towards the North with a deviation of 5º to the West, this full shape wave is also emitted through all the extremes of the cross.

Ideally, this shape should be printed and glued to a rectangular supporting slab, if possible of the same proportion, and placed in a horizontal surface. The protection beam of the slab with the glued shape is proportional to its weight: around 10m for 100-200g, 20 to 30m for 300 to 400g, and 100m for 1Kg [1].

If you want to try it, you can download it from this link. You can resize it, but keeping its aspect ratio fixed. If you want to draw it yourself, you don't need to use a compass, it suffices to use two consecutive numbers in the Fibonacci sequence as short and long measures, for example 3.4cm and 5.5cm; 5.5cm and 8.9cm; 8.9cm and 14.4cm; etc.

cruz proporcion aurea tetragrama
Figure 16: Shape proposed by Jean de la Foye to rebalance  spaces. You can download it here for printing.

9.3 Neutralizing the harmful shape wave emission associated to radiofrequency

During this study, it came to our mind to analyse the shape wave emission associated to the radiation of the cell phone and the wifi router. For our (unpleasant) surprise, we could verify that both the router and the cell phone emit Negative Green in Electric mode. In addition, later on we could check that this shape wave emission is accompanied by negative vital and spiritual components (the Hebrew pendulum reacts in reverse).

To counteract this effect, according to all observation made during this study, several options came to our mind. One solution when you are at home is to introduce the device inside a hollow icosahedron, or preferably a dodecahedron. We have done it this way with our router, as soon as we have obtained a dodecahedron big enough (Fig.17). The UP indicates that the negative emission is no longer produced outwards. If the dodecahedron is big enough, we even detect a positive emission at all levels. If such a big figure is not at your disposal, you can also use the shape shown in Fig.16, printing it at bigger size, putting it below the router, and preferably correctly oriented the way we have just described.

equilibrio router
Figure 17: Neutralising The Negative Green of Electric mode emitted by the router by means of a dodecahedron.

In order to neutralise the harmful shape wave emission of the cell phone, you can also put it inside an icosahedron or a dodecahedron while at home. Or also put it over any shape that emits Positive Green accompanied by the vital and spiritual components, if possible printed in big size: Flower of Life without a circle around, or with two circles; symmetric cross; golden cross, etc. (Figs.15 & 16). During our displacements, it would be interesting to have a portable shape to neutralise the negative emission. We have tested the same geometries printed in smaller size and put inside the cell phone case; among all the shapes that we have studied, which are emitters of a Positive Green wave accompanied by its subtle components, we have verified with the UP that the shape in Fig.16 is the most powerful one: in addition to neutralising the harmful cell phone emission, it also emits it positive shape radiation at a certain distance around the device.

10. Conclusions

The singular nature of shape wave emissions associated to the golden mean, its direct relationship with the subtle components of shape waves, and specially with its vital component, have been pleasant surprises of this study. This could explain Nature's "predilection" for using this proportion, through its approximations by the Fibonacci sequence. It could also be the reason why Viktor Schauberger, the great scholar of natural water movement, used devices designed with golden proportions for vitalising this extraordinary liquid that makes life possible. It would also make sense of why holding a dodecahedron on each hand for a certain time, as proposed by Mika Widmanska, helps to fully rebalance our organism.

Specially designed shapes for neutralising harmful shape waves that accompany radiofrequency emission was already used by Egyptian architect Dr. Ibrahin Karim for the case of cell phone towers located at the Swiss town of Hemberg, in the context of what he calls "Biogeometry".

The analysis presented in this article is not intended to be exhaustive, but at least minimally systematic. It is only a starting point, and there are many aspects still to be explored. And of course, dear reader, do not believe anything of what we have just explained, without doing your own research, verifications and measurements...

Last updated: 2021/09/28

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